About Amy Steward

Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you’ll find the information useful. My name is Amy and I’m a full-time bartender in addition to being a full-time mother of three. Considering I work 50 hours (or more) a week, I’ve always struggled to find time for cooking. All too often, my dinners for my kids consisted of carry-out and fast food.

Last year, however, my doctor discovered a blood clot in one of my arteries. I had to have surgery to have it taken care of which turned into a real wake up call. My doctor believed that the clot was a direct result of my poor diet. He recommended that I start eating foods that are better for my heart, including fish.

I’d never cooked fish before in my life (the only form of fish I ever ate was canned tuna, and even that was rare), so I was unsure of how to incorporate this into my routine–especially since I knew I never had much time to cook. Still, I knew that my health was important and that I needed to be here for my kids, so I began feverishly researching fish recipes that both me and my kids would enjoy.

Now, a year later, I can’t imagine my life without my twice-a-week fish dinners! Halibut and trout are a couple of my favorites, and I’ve really learned a lot about how to prepare them. My health has improved as well, and I like to think that has at least something to do with my diet. I created this site to help people who want to eat healthier by working fish into their diets!